My 2016 Music Playlist

What a year 2016 has been. It has been quite an adventure with a lot of laughter, tears, daydreams, witty comebacks and dancing my feelings away. All of those adventures required one thing: the 2016 music playlist.

All these songs, (i know, looking at it, very mainstream, but hey, i am who i am) were heard too many times, definitely overplayed. But each song kind of reminds me of a moment whether it was studying, dancing, sitting in a train. Just a lot to be honest. One of my favorite, Kids by One Republic. Super catchy and you almost feel like you know exactly how they feel yet i’m only 22 and still got so many more things to experience. There is also Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, my brother’s favorite song. And it reminds me of when we went to their concert this year, and how he wanted to wait for them to get out of the building with the other screaming girls. Best thing to witness.

There are 91 numbers on this playlist, which is kind of ridiculous. But they all mean so much, so enjoy…

The 2016 Music Playlist:

And there we have it! The 2016 Music Playlist. I hope you have enjoyed it, because i enjoyed sharing it with you. Comment down below on your favorite song that would remind you of 2016. Can’t wait to read them, since there are probably songs i should know about that i haven’t heard yet.