22 Things I Have Learned In The Last Year – 22nd Birthday

Hey readers. Guess what? It’s my birthday! My 22nd birthday to be exact. So I have been on this planet for 22 years and life is just getting better and better, and I’m learning so much and seeing and understanding so much. Just like last year, it was filled with sushi and family. But it’s also a great time to reflect about what I have learned in the last 22 years, but also in the last year. From 21 to becoming 22. Being 21 doesn’t really have it’s perks (at least not here in Holland). 21 does mean you are an adult; so more responsibility and more confusion.

22 lessons:

  1. I feel like a grandma (almost all the time) and I’m totally okay with that.
  2. One movie a day, keep the boredom away.
  3. I really love sushi, and that is probably never going to change.
  4. I’m alone most of the time, but I don’t feel lonely.
  5. My book list is endlessly growing and I have almost no time to read any of it.
  6. And so is my TV list.
  7. Being 21 is not that different from being 20
  8. Making exercise a habit is hardwork
  9. I’m tired all the time.
  10. You want something – do the work. NO SHORTCUTS.
  11. Not having a boyfriend is totally okay. It will come whenever it does.
  12. I have a lot of skills that I want to improve on.
  13. I’m quick at work when I put my mind to it
  14. Commute can kind of suck, especially when there are delays
  15. Networking is so important, that you need to be nice to everyone and make the effort to keep in contact with everyone.
  16. Loving yourself is hard sometimes
  17. Chocolate is addictive
  18. Keeping in touch with old friends is hard
  19. Travel more.
  20. I have learned a lot about career steps and there is so much more to learn
  21. Don’t have a solid vision of what I want to do with my life.
  22. I am 22 and still clueless about life.

As the most amazing Taylor Swift once said, “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22”