Welcome to my Blog!

I love that you are reading my blog and interested to know more about me! First and most importantly, my motto:

Stay Curious. Stay Adventurous.

I love to travel, watch tv and movies, listen to music, eat and read books. So basically everything the average person loves to do. However, I have had the travelbug ever since I was a little kid. I was fortunate to travel all over the world throughout my childhood and meet the most amazing people that I can call my friends now.

About van Menxel

This blog is honestly just about me (not trying to sound self-centered or anything), which is why it’s called van Menxel (translation: From Menxel in dutch; it’s also a play on with my last name, which is van Menxel as well). It is about all the stuff I love in this world, which can be monuments or foreign food or the type of music I listen to or just beautiful accessories. I’ll try to post regularly, whether it’s food, DIY or fashion. It’s probably going to be about life, since I just love giving advice (even if i’m not qualified to give any out!). So if you want some personal advice, don’t be afraid to ask! Connect with me on my social media handles! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest so we can share ideas with each other. Comment on my posts so I know what you guys want to see next!

This is a place where I can share everything I love in the world with the world I love. And don’t forget: Stay Curious, Stay Adventurous.