Belgium – The Neighbouring Country

Hello Readers! How has your summer been? After my internship, I still had several weeks before school started. And what did I do in those several weeks you ask? Well, I went to Belgium! The one thing I love about Europe is how easy it is to travel to another country. You can take the train, the bus, or the car for even as a day trip! The trip is simply a 2 or 3 hour car ride from where I live in the Netherlands, which is not that long. Especially when you have good tunes playing.

van Menxel Belgium Brussels Piere Marcolini

van Menxel Belgium Ghent Piere Marcolini

Belgium has so many different beautiful cities that you really have to go visit them all. This summer I went to Ghent, Brugge, and Brussels. It’s quite difficult to choose my favourite out of the three, considering they were all so pretty and different. I think in terms of food, Brussels is then my favourite. They have so many cute dessert stores, my favourite being Pierre Marcolini. Their Eclairs are a little bit on the pricey side, but boy, it did not disappoint. It was heaven in my mouth. And don’t forget about their macaroons! THEY ARE SO GOOD!

van Menxel Belgium Brugge
van Menxel Belgium Grote Markt
van Menxel Belgium Ghent

What I love about Belgium is how easy it is to simply walk everywhere. There are old and historical buildings around, there is so many tourists checking out those tourists spots and each little corner has a store that you have to simply check out. I think Brussels is the only one where a lot of the tourist spots are really spread out, such as the Palace to the Manneken Pis to the Atomium.

van Menxel Belgium manneken pisBrussels

You know you are in the city when there is a big square like in Brussels call the marketplace or in Dutch “grote markt”. Around the square, there are usually these beautiful historic buildings with little cafes on the ground floor. It screams Europe and it also screams “sit here and watch people while drinking coffee” — which is exactly what I did.

van Menxel Belgium Brussels

van Menxel Belgium

The one thing that Brussels didn’t have and that Ghent and Brugge did have was the water in and out the cities. It is simply breathtaking and the pictures doesn’t do it justice. You have to sit at a cafe near the water, to really enjoy the view and what the city has to offer.

Any other cities I need to check out in Belgium? Please let me know in the comments below!