The Big Apple – Places To Check Out In New York City

Hey readers! As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I went to the Big Apple! For my first trip to New York City, it was exhilarating yet overrated and over hyped. Yet I’ve been longing it for the past few weeks, which is why I wrote a love letter. Then I realized, I didn’t write anything regarding the things I did. So here is that type of post, my touristy vacation in the Big Apple (and I just realized that I don’t even know why it’s called the Big Apple).

van Menxel Apollo Theatre Big Apple

NYC has a lot to offer – I got a chance to go around Manhattan, and Brooklyn. I wish I had more time to see Queens, but I’m pretty happy with what I saw! (Especially with the fact that I traveled to Washington DC and Philly for a weekend – that’s a post for another time). I felt like this trip to New York City was definitely a trip where I just did all the touristy things I could possibly do. I saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, Times Square and so much more.

van Menxel Big Apple Statue of Liberty

My favourite part of the whole trip has to be going to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was definitely a moment I got to check off my bucket list. Seeing it on TV is so different than being part of the audience! Definitely add it to your bucketlist or you will regret it. I got to see Seth Rogen, which of course was really funny and Kumail Nanjiani. I didn’t know who he was before but I’m definitely going to check out his new movie – The Big Sick. Also, you can see what I saw live here.

If you know that you are going to the city a month or two before, go for it!! All you have to do is google tickets for your favourite show that is playing in New York City like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon or Trevor Noah, or a morning show like the Today Show. It will usually direct you to where you can request FREE tickets, as in you will be put into a lottery and need to wait if you get the tickets. It’s a game of luck unfortunately. But so worth it if you can get tickets!

van Menxel Cronut

I’m going tolist everything I saw in New York City, as that might be easier, because I literally saw so much!


  1. Statue of Liberty
  2. The Empire State Building
  3. Times Square
  4. Smorgasburg
  5. Brooklyn Bridge
  6. The Charging Bull and the Fearless Girl
  7. The Oculus
  8. Central Park
  9. The Rockefeller Center
  10. Grand Central Terminal
  11. New York Public Library
  12. The Plaza Hotel
  13. St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  14. Flatiron building
  15. Washington Square Park

van Menxel NYC World Trade Center

van Menxel NYC Brooklyn Bridge


  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  2. The Museum of Modern Art — one of my favourite museums
  3. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  4. American Museum of Natural History
  5. National September 11 Memorial & Museum

van Menxel Big Apple Natural Museum

van Menxel Guggenheim

While listing these items, I realize that I probably saw a lot more than I’m listing but the point is, I had a great time! And I hope you can see that in my pictures.

Have you been to the Big Apple? And if so, what is the next time I should see or eat when I’m there? And if you haven’t been, what’s the first thing you want to see in New York City?

van Menxel Big Apple Central Park Castle