Bucketlist 2018: The Things I Want To Do This Year

So last night I created a ginormous bucketlist that I’m going to create a page for and keep tabs on that. I want to share all the things I’m going to do from that bucket list but like I said it was ginormous. Therefore I created a bucketlist 2018 that I really want to do this year. In order to do so, I had to see what I did last year and if I did all the things I wanted to do from last years bucketlist.

Looking back at my bucketlist for 2017, I did some of it. I got to go to New York City and saw my best friend. I finally graduated from my University with a bachelor degree. And I dreamt endlessly. What I didn’t do last year, I want to include this year. I want to visit more cute cafe’s in the Netherlands, I want to travel by myself somewhere in Europe that I haven’t been to before, write a letter to myself that I should open in ten years, ride a hot air balloon and so many more things.

I will say though that I have been writing a few pages of my book but it’s all over the place. By this I mean, I’ve written a few quotes in different journals because I thought of the perfect sentence for a specific chapter and gah. I just don’t have the time to write a book for a whole day. I have so many other things on my plate but I do want to continue that this year. Therefore, this is my bucketlist for this year…

Bucketlist 2018: 

  1. Travel Solo

I really want to travel by myself. I have heard so many great things about traveling by yourself and I hope to do that this year, somewhere in Europe.

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon

This has been on my bucket list for, forever. I don’t know when this year but I really, really want to check this off my bucketlist. It’s just been too long on the list. Hopefully this will be my year.

  1. Write a letter to myself that I will open in 10 years

I’m trying to find the right time to write this letter. When I write it, I want to include an important thought and message that I don’t want to forget. Something I want to re-remember in ten years. And that message hasn’t come to yet. Hopefully something important happens this year that will help me write this letter.

  1. Write a book

I have always wanted to write a book. I’m just really intimidated since my writing is quite…horrible. Grammar is literally my achilles heal. But I don’t want that to stop me, I will try and finish this book and hopefully get published!

  1. Study abroad

Ever since I decided I wanted to go to Erasmus, I have always wanted to study abroad. Specifically to North America but unfortunately I don’t have the grades for it. However, as luck may have it, Australia is an option! Which is equally as great. Hopefully I will get to go to study abroad this year, and I’m really excited.

  1. Party for 24 hours (For my 24th birthday)

I was watching this youtube video wth Margot Robbie where she was telling one of the late night host that for her 24th birthday she partied for 24 hours. Or at least celebrated her birthday for a good 24 hours. And for my birthday this year, I wanted to party for 24 hours. I think it will be so different for someone who doesn’t even party on the regular, but it will definitely a new experience.

  1. Go 24 or 48 hours unplugged

Going unplugged is quite daunting. But it’s something I want to check off my bucketlist because I think I will get so many things done, or do something I didn’t think about doing. Hopefully I will learn something new or finally read a book on my long list of things I want to do.

  1. Go to a country I haven’t been to yet

Hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone with this bucketlist item. Maybe I’ll go to Ireland or Scotland and travel alone (item number 1). I really want to make sure I take the time and see unseen places.

  1. Read ten book by the end of the year

I don’t even know how many books I read last year but I know for sure, it wasn’t ten. Hopefully this year I will read at least ten books from different genres. I want to make sure I make the time for this.

  1. Find a new hobby

I want to find something new and exciting to do, but I’m not really sure what yet. Maybe I’ll find something I love that I didn’t even think about!

These are the things I really want to do in 2018 and hopefully i do with some planning or even when I’m feeling that I need to be spontaneous! What is on your bucketlist 2018?