DAY-CATION: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands has so many great cities that if you live in holland, you can have yourself a day-cation. Another way to have a day cation in Amsterdam, is to have a long layover from your destination to another. So what can you do in Amsterdam for a day? Well to be honest, a day isn’t enough! But here are a few things:

van Menxel Amsterdam Museum Stedeljijk Amsterdam

1. Museums in Amsterdam

There are so many art museums in Amsterdam but a must see is Rijksmuseum. It’s huge that you could almost spend a whole day there. I mean when my best friend came to visit me, we literally spent hours there! But we also went to the Stedelijk Museum, which i like more. It’s contemporary and more my style. I could honestly draw a lot of inspiration from that museum.

2. Flower Market

I feel like you cant miss the flower market. You can usually pass the flower market on your walks around the city. But the only thing you have to see in holland are the tulips, and that’s what the flower market shows you. And some souvenirs and cheese, but mostly flowers!

van Menxel Daycation Amsterdam Windmill

3. Food

When it comes to food it’s hard to eat a dutch meal. We really like our steak and fries, well, i like my steak and fries. But Febo for example has a lot of dutch snacks,  like Kroket, Frikandel, or kipcorn. Another thing, for lunch or dinner, you could have poffertjes. Poffertjes are like tiny fluffy pancakes. They are so good! And then you have your raw fish such as haring with onion.

4. Anne Frank House

This is a must, i personally haven’t gone. But i heard that you HAVE to go, which i will. Another thing i do know, it’s that if you are going to go, go there first thing in the morning! Otherwise you’ll be there for a very long time.

5. IAmsterdam sign

The IAmsterdam sign is quite iconic, and a great place to take pictures!

6. Heineken Factory/Museum

This is a must, or at least go to a cafe and drink some good beer! But if you go to the factory, you get free beer since it’s part of your ticket!

7. Canal Walk

Or you can just walk wonderlessly in Amsterdam and check out the beautiful canals.
van Menxel Amsterdam Day Cation Canal Walk

Here are some of my tips on what to do in Amsterdam for your Day-cation! There are more pictures on my Instagram, so check that out with the hashtag #Amsterdam. If there is anything i have missed, please share it with me by commenting!