My Goals For My Master Degree 2017

Hello readers. How’s it going? It is back to school season, and you know what that means? It means everyone is probably going to be writing about back to school hauls, DIYs and what they want to achieve for it — and I can’t wait to read/watch it all! With that said, I haven’t been back to school full time in the last year, but I do want to make my last year in higher education the best one yet. In order for it my Masters to be unforgettable and ambitious, I need to set goals. So…

Here are my goals for my Marketing Management Masters Degree:

  1. GPA of 8

I know getting a GPA of 8 is going to be really difficult, but I do want to be ambitious in my last year. So my goal is going to be difficult, but with the little goals set along the way, I’m sure I’m going to achieve it!

  1. Find an internship at an agency

I want to apply for an internship at an agency to learn more from that perspective. After a year at G-Star, I realise that there are a lot of components to making a campaign successful. I just want to learn how the whole industry works, and the best way to do that is finding an internship.

  1. Go on exchange

Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to go on exchange during my bachelor, which is why I want to during my Masters. (It also allows me to pro long my education and not enter the real adult world, just yet!)

  1. Be part of the honours program

This is another ambitious goal I have set for myself. I wasn’t really sure about this to be honest. But then again, if I want a high GPA, I should also want to be part of the honours program. I read about it online, and I thought, why not? Why not make this a goal for my Masters Degree? I’ve got nothing to lose!

  1. And enjoy every single part of it!

And those are my back to school goals!

I really want to reach for the stars this year, and in order to do so, so are my goals. I will be setting smaller goals along the way in order to achieve them and I will let you know if I do! So what are your goals this year?