HOTSPOT: Foodhallen, Amsterdam

Before i even begin to explain the foodhallen, go on instagram and look up the hashtag #foodhallen. The first few things you would see is the range of food from sushi, to hot dog, to sandwiches, to vietnamese spring rolls, the pictures are endless. But not only are the pictures endless, the food choices are endless. I wish the area was closer to the city because i have to walk out of my way to get there if i’m ever in Amsterdam but the food is good. Foodhallen is set up in an old train station filled with different stands and then a bunch of tables in the middle. The ambience is amazing because of how homy it feels but also how everything is set up. The different stalls,  the furniture, the decoration, just everything fits. What i also love about this is that, if you want Japanese food and hotdogs, you can do that here with no problem. You can have everything you want at this one area. You are probably wondering what i actually got at foodhallen so here you go:

Food I Ate At Foodhallen:

Van Menxel foodhallen soft shell crab

At the Le Big Fish, i got a steam bun with crispy soft shell crab, seaweed and wasabi. This by the way, was amazing. When you order it, you get two. So it is perfect when you are sharing and want to try other food from other stands. It is kind of on the pricey side ( i don’t remember the price, i want to say between 6-11 euros), but it’s not like you eat soft shell crab everyday! I loved this dish because of the different textures in your mouth, the crispness of the soft shell crab and the softness of the bun, and then the zing from the wasabi. All together, it was rememberable and delicious.

Van Menxel foodhallen hotdog

At Bulls and dogs, you can get hotdogs, but not ordinary hotdogs. These hotdogs were served on pretzel buns and then you had choices of what kind. I had the wild mushrooms, truffle and hazelnut hot dog, which sounds quite odd, but it was delicious! Just like everything else at this place really.

Van Menxel foodhallen pastry

Last but not least i went to Petit Gâteau, where there are these mini cakes of different kinds. There’s pistachio, caramel, strawberry, you name it, they have it. I ended up getting caramel and white chocolate & Pistachio. Both were delicious but i do like caramel better! Maybe because i’m like a die hard fan of anything caramel, but eh, my taste.

So overall, i guess you can say i really enjoyed the experience there. I really do recommend to get all the things i got! Or if you are into other things, let me know in the comments down below!