How To Productively Procrastinate Your Precious Time

To productively procrastinate is a difficult yet easy task. Sometimes procrastinating productively just feels like doing work. Which is not the point. You should feel like, it’s a quick break, yet i am doing something that is helping yourself anyways. This could be as simple as painting your nails or doing a quiz online. I am the biggest procrastinator ever. While writing this post, i’m technically suppose to be studying for my  managerial accounting midterm. The irony. But at the same time, it kind of inspired me to write this post for you guys and for myself really. I realize during exam times, i procrastinate more than i usually do, which is really bad. But with this post, and others like it, it’s going to help me productively procrastinate.  I categorize the post in terms for the type of person you are but obviously, if it suits you, please, just do it. It’s all about doing the work, and gaining the good parts.

Productively Procrastinate for  Bloggers:

  • Comment on other people’s blog
  • Respond to comments from your own blog
  • Like and comment on other people’s Instagram pictures
  • Get influenced by the internet for upcoming future posts
  • Update all your social medias
  • Brainstorm future posts

Productively Procrastinate for Internet Lovers: 

  • DuoLingo – learn that language you always wanted to learn
  • Bucket
  • Freerice – a quiz where you can donate rice for questions you get right.
  • Ted Talks
  • Code Academy
  • Look for internships, jobs, or scholarships

Productively Procrastinate For Everyone:

  • Go to the Gym
  • Paint your nails
  • Clean your make – up brushes
  • Organize your computer files
  • Change your bedding
  • Clean your room
  • Update your to do list/planner
  • Create a new playlist

If there are any other ideas or methods to productively procrastinate, let me know in the comments down below. I would love to hear what you guys do during your exam period or when you are really stressed out. And a little reminder, don’t watch a tv show, you’ll end up binge watching a show!