A Love Letter to the City That Never Sleeps

To New York City,

You have stolen my heart in the weirdest way possible. I’m having difficulty just describing it. When I was there, I just couldn’t see why people loved the city so much. I think I have just builded up this whole idea of New York City in my head that I ended up being overwhelmed. The city almost felt overrated. But now that I have been home for a couple of months, I have just been longing to go back to the city that never sleeps.

To help me with my longing, I’m currently watching Sex and the City while writing this.  I just understand why the girls love the city so much (and sex and friendship). I also just watched a youtube video recently where Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow interviewed each other. One of them said that the one thing you should do in your 20s is live in Manhattan, NYC. And that is exactly what I’m longing for (despite that it’s crazy expensive!) I want to know what it is like to work in New York City where everyone is partying/working all the freaking time. (Seriously though, all the freaking time — I sometimes wonder if they even have a social life? I bet they do. It’s NYC, and no one ever sleeps — except for me.)

I did have a great time in the city, just look at my Instagram feed: It’s filled with throwbacks. It’s gotten so bad that my friends from high school keeps asking if I’m still in the city to meet up. Sorry friends, I’m back in the Netherlands and ready to figure out my next destination (even though I really just want to go back). I sometimes wonder if people ever felt lonely in such a crowded city? I’ve always been so introverted, (unless I’m with my good friends, then I’m extroverted). How is one, like myself, suppose to make friends? In a city where it’s hustling 24/7? I guess that’s a question I will have to answer if I’m ever back in the city on my own.

My first impression of the city is quite an odd one. Everything looked so fake when I got out of Penn Station, it felt as if I was on a movie set (and I literally told my friend this.) Maybe I have seen too many movies and tv shows about NYC that my mind just didn’t know how to grasp what I was seeing. It was as if I stepped into my computer screen, into some world I didn’t know.

I know this may sound a little bit weird, but I literally had a culture shock. A culture shock doesn’t happen often to me, considering I’m a third culture kid. As in, I have moved to different countries every 3 to 4 years. So why am I experiencing a culture shock? Probably because I have never been to the USA before, or the Americas for that matter. And it’s just so different to Europe and Asia. Everything felt so mass produced, yet I want to go back and experience every restaurant, every museum, and see every street. If you look a little closer, each corner has its own quirky unique thing that I want to experience.

So New York, if you will have me, take me back. Please.

With Love,


van Menxel Brooklyn Love Letter

And now I realize, this may not be a love letter. But more of a… TAKE ME BACK letter.