Master Degree Update: Core Classes Are Officially Done!

It’s official. I’m done with my all my classes for my master degree at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam: marketing management! The year went by so quickly starting in February 2017. And now, I only have my thesis left, and so far it’s been stressful and making me a little crazy. I remember having to finish a propsal right before christmas break and study for all my exams that was coming up in only two weeks. I thought I was going to lose my mind since I had so many assignments and I was applying to multiple internships. It was too much for one person but I made it through. It is over!

I’ve taken all my core classes last fall (2017) and took my electives in the spring (2017), leaving my thesis for the  following spring (2018). After that, hopefully I get to study abroad and then I will have that degree in my hands! It can be quite daunting considering after I defend my thesis, I will have to enter the adult world and find a legit job. Along with finding a job, I have to take care of myself financially. I mean, I kind of already do but then I have to be truly independent. Caught off from the folks. It’s going to be weird entering adulthood. And I’m currently 23 and should be a fully independent adult. But I’m not. I enjoy the perks.

Anyways, that’s just my little update of what’s going on my master. Looking back at my goals, a lot of it hasn’t happened yet except for number 5. I have enjoyed every single part of this education. I recommend for a lot of you to find your passion and get that master degree. It is so different from trying to get your bachelor. You’ll be in classes that you really want to learn from instead of learning from areas you may not really have an interest in but it’s mandatory. The environment is quite different as well. I feel like I had way more time than I did during my bachelors and a lot more assignment than solely focused exams. (Note: exams were worth usually 80% or a 100% of your grade). I’m currently feeling content.

Let me know in the comments below if you had any similar experiences!