Monday Motivation: Quotes for the New Year

How is your year so far? How is Monday Motivation?  Just wanted to catch up and see if you feel motivated in every aspect of your life. This could be applied to your schoolwork, or your job. This could also be your goals or your New Year resolutions. Are you sticking to those New Year resolutions? If not, this is definitely a post for you! I want you to feel motivated because January usually gives you this boost, a surge of new energy. But it is literally the third week of January, so I can understand if you are a little down and just want that holiday feeling back. Where you can eat all the food and don’t feel bad, because it’s that time of year. Just relaxing and binge watching all those exciting series (such as the Crown or Stranger Things!) But to get you back in that trying mind, I thought I would share some of my favorite motivational quotes. These quotes really put my head back in the game and to go for everything I want to!

Monday Motivation:


I’ve got to be honest; lately I feel really unmotivated and want to go back to the holiday feeling. With this list of motivational quotes, I’m ready to dominate every aspect of my life. I’m ready to increase my GPA, I’m ready to be a force to be reckon with at work. I’m just ready! I hope you are too! Comment down below on your favorite motivational quote to get you through the Mondays.