My New Year Resolutions for 2017

Happy 2017! What a year 2016 has been. Definitely a year to reflect, based on everything that has happened. Those events are probably the reason i stopped blogging regularly, but i definitely want to take it it more seriously this year. Share what my 2017 is going to be like, and hopefully with exciting blog posts. I also feel like at the end of the year, we reflect on what went well and what went bad, and how we can improve as a person. Another thing i want to share, how my 2016 as a year was. With that said, here’s where the New Year Resolutions 2017 comes in. I have reflected on what my 2016 year has been like, and here is what i’m going to work on in 2017:

New Year Resolutions 2017:

  1. Exercise more than i have in 2016
  2. Cook more than i have in 2016
  3. Find a new hobby
  4. See more of Holland
  5. Smile more than i have in 2016
  6. Travel more in Europe
  7. Be more Creative
  8. Take my blog more seriously with consistent and good quality blog posts
  9. Go for it. Anything and everything.

Obviously keeping all of these New Year Resolutions is going to be really hard, but that doesn’t mean i won’t try. I think the most important New Year Resolution is to really go for everything i’m doing and to really reach for the stars and achieve to achieve whatever my mind sets to. After that one, is to take my blog seriously. I want to treat it like a diary but instead of keeping it private, i’m sharing my thoughts and experiences with the whole world. I hope to take beautiful pictures, so you can see the things i see in 2017.

Comment down below on what your New Year Resolution is for 2017 and how you are keeping them alive. Also, comment down below on what you want to read on the blog and maybe i will do exactly that!