Philly and Washington D.C. in Pictures

Hello readers! As you may have read in one of my latest post, I went to New York City this summer. When I went there, my best friend and I traveled for a weekend to Philly and Washington D.C to see something different. I wanted to see more cities while I was in the USA, especially since it was my first time there. And boy, the cities did not disappoint! Washington D.C. was definitely my favourite out of the two, it was so magical. It definitely had this different vibe compared to the city. If I had more time there, I would definitely visit Georgetown and Dupont Circle.

van Menxel Philly
van Menxel Washington DC
Washington D.C.

Unfortunately if I give you any advice about Philly or Washington D.C, it will be probably be injustice. I was only there for a day in each city, and tried to cram so many activities in one day that I feel like giving any advice would be wrong. However, I do want to say that you need to visit both! Especially if you love history and museums. I think the best thing about Washington D.C. is that the museums are free and there is a variety. If you don’t like art, there is the National Air and Space Museum. If you don’t like air and space, there is the Natural History Museum. I went to the National Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art, and I loved both. If you have to choose, go to the National Air and Space Museum!

van Menxel Washington Museum airspacevan Menxel Washington airspace museum

But let me tell you about the weekend in Philly and Washington D.C. in the images below. I think that will tell you how the weekend was for my friend and I.

Pictures of Philly:

van Menxel Washington

Pictures of Washington D.C:

And those were some of my pictures! Do you have any suggestions for my next visit to Philly or Washington D.C? Let me know in the comments below!

van Menxel Philly Squirrel
And the honorary touristy squirrel picture