Reflection 2017 – What happened in the last year?

Hello lovely readers! I thought I would write a little reflection of what happened over the year. I love writing these “check in with myself” in my journal about what I have been doing. And I realized, I haven’t written anything on my blog for a good year almost, which is really disappointing. With that said, I had to kind of reflect on why I created this blog in the first place. I wanted to have a place to share my thoughts, my pictures and to really just improve on my writing skills (note: I know I have more than enough grammar mistakes, I just can’t figure them out sometimes!) And with the more time that I have now, I just didn’t want to give up on this blog. And I’m not going to. I’m going to try my best to write more constantly and qualitatively.

So what exactly have I been doing in the last year? Well, I took my last exam for my bachelor in November. I took a few classes for my Masters. And with of all of that, I had a “full time” internship at G-Star (it’s in quotes, because in the second half of the year I worked only 4 days instead of 5). So you could say that I had a pretty filled up year. A year where I decided that I wanted to binge watch the latest Netflix series instead of writing a blog post. I always made sure that I wasn’t writing in my blogpost as if it was a chore or the feeling as if it was homework. Just so i’m always happy with what I was writing and creating. ( I also wanted to just chill after work, which I did).

van Menxel GStar RAW Internship Reflection
The first campaign I worked on.

The work I did at my internship was incredibly educational. It taught me all the things I want to do, and all the things I don’t want to do at my future position. But it also helped me enhance all the skills I already had, and even learned a few new tricks. I’m happy that I stayed for another 6 months, it did me some good. It helped me understand the business a little bit more, it helped me on my skills and it helped me really social network with the people I was working with.

I also needed a little bit of fun. So I had a week and half vacation and I finally checked off something on my bucketlist: New York City!! (You will definitely see more posts about that coming soon!) Going to New York City was truly a dream come true and I definitely have a lot of feelings towards that vacation. But it was definitely a dream come true and it honestly just made me want to do a USA roadtrip with my girlfriends. That’s definitely going to be on my 2018 bucketlist!

van Menxel New York City Reflection
The view of Manhattan from Ellis Island.

It was also in a weird way, my first solo trip. That was exhilarating because a lot of the things I did was on my own. The only reason I say weird way, it is because I stayed with my best friend. We only hung out after her work and the weekends. During the day I did my own thing, which was pretty cool, and kind of freeing. Flying was kind of a different story. I was flying by myself for the first time which meant I could be sitting anywhere. And every time, I was placed right in the middle. Next to strangers. On a very long flight. Yeah, I wasn’t totally comfortable with that, even though I love flying. So there’s that.

I think in terms of what I did over the year, that is it. Maybe I will write another checking in myself/reflection post regarding what I have learned over the year and what I should really improve on. For example, exercising, I really need to start doing that. I was looking at pictures of myself from like 5 years ago, and damn did I look good (not to sound so vain). Anyways, this has been pretty much my year. I think. If I’m forgetting anything important, I’m sorry.