Sharing Your Inner Thoughts with People You Know

Hey readers,Ā I had the weirdest thought in my mind the other day. Just hear me out — the other day I was determining what exactly is my niche? What do I write about consistently? Nothing really. Just like my mind, nothing is consistent. Which is kind of scary. However, it did lead to me to thinking about Carrie Bradshaw, who shares her inner thoughts and talked about sex a lot. Or like Jane from the bold type who writes about her life experiences. (A new show on freeform that is pretty much my new favorite show. #girlpower) It is so… personal and out there. Aren’t they afraid what their family and friends think about them? Who cares about strangers! They don’t know them. But family and friends. It’s a whole new territory.

Family and friends knowing your inner thoughts

My biggest fear is that someone I know, aka my family and closest friends, know my inner thoughts. Know everything that is going in my life. That’s a scary thought. Imagine this – you write about your life experience. And this time, your life experience is about someone you are dating, someone that is relatively new in your life. Let’s say that something on your date happened that you just have to write about. Something about the date was just off. Now, I’m someone who doesn’t just bring someone I’ve been dating to my parents, let alone talk about people i have been going on dates with strangers. So what’s the difference with writing about a date/ life experience than bringing them home to meet the parents? And the only reason I ask what’s the difference is, is that my family are probably the only people who even reads my blog.

Not sharing your inner thoughts could lead to basic ideas

I don’t want to be generic and write about things that another 1000 people have written about ( and probably know more than me anyways like bulletjournaling – which is why I appreciate watching/ reading from those 1000 other people. People don’t need to see my bullet journal – it’s hideous but effective). You know what they say, write what you know. And that should be my niche. But that also means exposing my inner thoughts, and sometimes I don’t know if I’m ready for that. It’s one thing sharing it with strangers but another thing sharing with people I know. And let’s be real, people are judge-y ( I know it’s not a word, but it works.)

I would love to advertise posts like these on my instagram stories, but then all I can think is – these are people I know. Family, friends, co-workers –Ā  I’m letting people I know to check out my blog post about my life. How do I feel? Scared. Especially if they are literally the only people who reads my blog.

And then there is my ultimate fear: them commenting how I have a spelling or a grammar mistake in my writing. What’s your fears about blogging? Let me know in the comments below!