Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Going to Concerts

Concerts are my favorite thing or event to go to. I like it more than going to a club and dance all night. I’m more of a “listening to the soul or the pop of the artists” and just enjoy people singing. I mean if it was a local coffee shop with people singing, i enjoy that more than going to a club where i have to meet drunk people and socialize. As much as i love to socialize, i like it more to socialize with them when they are sober. But other than that, here are my top five reasons why i love going to concerts.

1. Live is ALMOST Always Better Than Listening To It On A Stream Service

I say almost because sometimes you hear that live music isn’t that good compared to the auto tuned melody record. But usually it’s always good. There’s more interaction, there’s more dance to it, and you can literally hear them breathe in and our during that song, that it’s always different but better. I realize reading this that it doesn’t make sense, but it still makes sense to me. If you need me to clarify, just hit me up on the comment section down below.

2. You See The Artist Dance To The Their Own Music

Almost always, the artist dance to the music. I love it when it’s not choreographed, and they kind of just sway and dance to the energy of the audience. That’s always the best kind of dance i believe. Don’t get me wrong, i love a good choreographed dance too, but i feel like you see that a lot on TV, that it doesn’t excite you as much live. When is see dances live, i like just seeing how they interact with the audience and the fans.

3. Concerts Are Unforgettable

I love going to concerts because they are unforgettable. I can actually tell you almost everything about my concerts to Gavin Degraw, Maroon 5, The Script etc. You remember the energy of the night, you remember your favorite songs, and you just remember singing along and enjoying every minute.

4. The Opening Acts

Sometimes we don’t want to listen to the opening acts, but i love them! It’s a good way to be introduced to artists you don’t really know about and should do more research on. But also, it’s a good indication whether you enjoyed that artist or band.


This is obviously the most important reason why i love going to concerts. Seeing the artist live, is something completely different. You see the artist in the magazine, in the internet, a poster you may have in your bedroom, but it’s completely different seeing them in person. I mean you may be far, far away from the artist, but it’s like that phrase, “seeing is believing”. You see the artists for who they are without all the photoshop and the perfection. Concerts are that time for you to see who they are.

So here are my five top reasons why i love going to concerts. I rather save up money to go to a good concert than spend like 20 or more euros on alcohol and entree ticket to a club. Where the night is probably unforgettable. Haha, now i sound like a debbie downer on clubs, clubs are great, but i love concerts more! As simple as that!