What do you hate?

If you know me, than you know that I can be quite the negative person which is horrible aspect of my personality. It is especially horrible if you are a positive, optimistic person and then being around me. Maybe we can balance each other out? I do have days where I can be friendly and positive and optimistic and full of hope. But being negative sometimes is a lot easier than being positive. I do have to say, at least I acknowledge that I can be negative and I’m working very hard to not be negative. Some days it’s just really hard. So I thought I’d be reflective, and name a few things I hate.

Anyways, in this blog post, I get to be as pessimistic as I like to be.

10 things I HATE:

  1. the smell of cigarettes
  2. fake people/two faced
  3. not being able to see my overseas friends
  4. not having enough money for Starbucks everyday (well I do, but it’s more of a treat, every once in a while)
  5. that toffee nut latte is not an all year type of coffee at Starbucks
  6. the smell of dairy products, stay away yogurt
  7. that I’m not being able to travel every single day and spontaneously. I have way too many responsibilities.
  8. when people judge me that I rather watch tv or movies than socialize.
  9. that I am so materialistic but I just cant help myself
  10. people (sometimes)

And that’s pretty much all things I currently hate. This list sounds a bit like 10 things I hate about you except more 10 things I about life. I bet a lot of you feel the same way.

It’s funny, it feels kind of nice to reflect on the things I hate and maybe be able to adjust my views on some of the things. Maybe look at the positive side. Also, it’s nice to get them off my chest, especially since bottling things up can be kind of hard.